Garden furniture is a great addition to your garden. It provides a dual purpose of beatifying the space while providing you a place to put up your legs and rest. Furniture makers construct garden furnishings from different kinds of materials ranging from rattan to wrought iron and even poly fiber. But no matter what kind of material you choose, they will always need some cleaning and looking after especially when they are not in use. Here are some useful tips for garden furniture care and maintenance.

Be Gentle

Always be gentle when cleaning your furniture. Unwarranted force can cause scratches and damage to them. When wiping down, always use a soft damp rug. It's also best to stick to water as cleansers. If you need to use or prefer to use a cleanser choose manufactures that use the mildest formulas and to follow instructions for use to the letter. For those who need to use a brush, choose a soft brush from natural fiber. Use slow strokes when brushing material like rattan and wicker to avoid cracking the paint or varnish.

Some people like to use vacuum cleaners for lifting up dirt. This is acceptable too especially when it comes to cleaning cushions made from cloth-like fabric. Dust can seep in deeply in nooks, crannies and fiber and vacuum cleaners can suck up dirt without damaging the materials.

Clean Regularly

Stubborn dirt and dust can be a result of neglect. When neglected they can seep deeply into the fibers and material of furniture. For an easier cleaning time it's best to clean regularly. This is especially important if you live in a dusty place. Because your garden furniture is usually outdoors or in shaded areas like porches they are often exposed to dust and pollution. To get ahead, dust or vacuum at least once a week or more depending on how dusty your neighborhood is.

Store When Not In Use

One of the best ways to enjoy your garden furniture for a long time is to store them when not in use or during winter season. Exposing material like rattan for example to cold furniture can damage and warp the material. If you have rattan cube furniture, bring them inside for storage during winter or rainy season. This will prevent damage like warping and chipping paint. Cube-shaped furniture is easy to store because of their shape. Rattan is lightweight so you can stack them up to save space.

When storing, make sure that the storage area is dry and not humid. Some owners prefer to let their furniture stay where they are. If this is the case, wrap them in UV-proof furniture covers to extend their life and prevent damage from the elements. Tarp and canvass covers can also be used however; they can retain moisture when wet.

Garden furniture is available in many different materials, styles and shapes. Buyers can choose from traditional to contemporary design to suit their tastes. No matter what kind of material you choose, proper care and maintenance will extend its life. if done properly and meticulously, these furniture can last your lifetime.


Gazebos are usually found in gardens, parks and open spaces and serve as rest areas for people. They are usually open sided to let the cool breeze in and roofed to keep away the sun and rain. Many people put up gazebos mainly for ornamental purposes because it gives a big space a focal point. However, gazebos are not just ornamental. They have a practical uses such as shelter, party area, play place or outdoor dining area. Choosing a gazebo is easy enough if you follow these tips.


Size is always important because it dictates how big your gazebo will be. Gazebos come in various sizes to suit the size of a backyard, garden and other open spaces. There are really big ones that can accommodate outdoor parties and barbecues while there are also small sized ones good for 2 people. Homeowners with big spaces can choose big or small sized gazebos depending on what they intend to use it for while small backyards will look good with a small sized gazebo.


Gazebos can be portable too. A portable gazebo is made from light materials like aluminum frames and tarp or canvass for shelter. They can be moved or transported easily from one location to the next. Portable gazebos usually come with bags so they can be stored when not in use. Another kind of gazebo is the permanent gazebo. As the name suggest this type stays in place and can be enjoyed all year round. The permanent varieties are usually made from wood.


Style is also a factor because gazebos nowadays come in many styles and choosing can be overwhelming. When it comes to style, the personality of the buyer and the purpose usually comes into play. There are very ornate gazebos and there are also traditional styles. Some come with practical features like netting, benches or sidings that can be rolled up. Many people like the traditional styled gazebos because they never get old. Others like modern minimalistic styles because they look simple and elegant.


This is always an important consideration for any purchase. Thankfully there are many manufactures so there is a wide price range for gazebos. Top quality large gazebos will always be expensive while small ones will usually be more affordable. The trick is to find a gazebo style and size that you can afford. Remember that it is possible to beautify your garden, patio or backyard without breaking the bank.


Gazebos can be placed in your backyard, garden or patio so long as there is enough open space. There are specialized types of gazebos for different location and use. If you plan on having one in your patio, it is probably best to look up patio gazebo designs that suit your style and budget. Patio gazebos don't usually have flooring because patios already have floors. These gazebos are not suitable for gardens or backyards where flooring is needed as protection from the damp soil.

Gazebos are multifunctional spaces that can be transformed to suit your needs easily. They can be party areas, play areas even outdoor offices. They provide shelter from the elements while beautifying your patio, garden or backyard.

 An excellent gazebo resource: Everything You Need To Know About Gazebos!



Having garden furniture can change the look of your garden dramatically. Garden furniture comes in a variety of materials like poly fiber, rattan, iron, aluminum and many more. Rattan has long been a popular choice when it comes to choosing material for garden furniture. This is because the material is durable and can stand the heat and rain. Having great garden furniture is one great way to enjoy the garden, relax and meditate. If you're thinking about getting furniture for your garden, consider rattan because of the following reasons.


Rattan is very hardwearing. Its durability comes from the solid inner core of the reed. When rattan is harvested, the leaves and bark are stripped off. The pole is lightly soaked in water to give it some flexibility. But despite this, rattan remains durable thanks to the solid inner core. Even the bark is durable. Once peeled off, it is reused by many furniture makers to bind the joints of the furniture.

Rattan is made even more durable when it is weather proofed. Some manufacturers weatherproof the rattan enabling it to withstand the elements. Weatherproofed rattan is much more durable and makes the ideal garden furniture as it can stay outside or get wet without suffering much damage. There is also rattan effect garden furniture that has the effect of rattan but is made of plastic or polyethylene. These are durable outdoor furniture that can last even longer than natural rattan.


Despite its durability, rattan is incredibly lightweight. This is a great feature for people who want to move their garden furniture for storage during rainy season, winter or during extreme weather. Depending on the size of your furniture, it can easily be lifted by one or two persons together. This is highly advantageous for singles or small families. Because it is lightweight, it can also be stacked during storage. If you own rattan cube garden furniture for example, you can simply stack the chairs so as not to consume too much floor space for storage.


Rattan can be bent to different shapes giving way to many styles and designs. You can choose the traditional garden sets but there are also unique designs like cubes, circles, wedges or sectionals. There are also manufacturers who can customize your rattan set to your specification. 


Unlike expensive hardwood furniture, rattan is very affordable. Some sets can set you back up to a thousand dollars but rattan sets can cost anywhere from $100 to $200 per set depending on the design or number of pieces. This is because rattan is easier to farm than hardwood. The harvesting and transportation process is also easier making rattan cheaper and readily available to many people.

 Rattan furniture is very comfortable compared to metal. Throw in some pillows and some cushions and you will be able to relax in comfort. Use it to relax after a hard day at work, to enjoy your garden or meditate.